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      Surendranagar, Gujarat, India





      Your Ultimate Source for Fire Fighting !!!

      Newage Industries is a renowned Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of a wide assortment of Fire Fighting Hoses and Equipment. We are a leading name in exporting and supplying an endearing array of products including UL Listed Flexible Hose, UL Marked Foam Branch Pipe, IS-IRS Marked Universal Branch Pipe, IS-IRS Marked Short Branch Pipe, ISI Marked Foam Branch Pipe, ISI-IRS Approved Double Headed Hydrant Valve, ISI-IRS Approved Single Outlet Hydrant Valve, etc. By stocking high quality and unique sizes of our entire range of products, we strive to deliver product with quality consistency and timely delivery. Our dedicated services for Fire Fighting Equipment are unrivaled. Our use of only the finest materials and tight quality controls during manufacture ensures that our widespread and esteemed customers receive the best available product. Read more...

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